Welcome to Tooth and Scale

Designs and apparel for the curious, adventurous, and bold explorers of the world.

Our designs are printed strictly on clothing that is high quality, durable, and made in the USA.  (Most of our gear is American Apparel!)

We want you to share your adventures with us!

Do you love adventures?  Of course you do!  Why else would you be here?  If you take a picture on an adventure in a piece of our gear, you could be featured on our site and our social media pages!

  1. Take a picture on an adventure while wearing one of our designs.
  2. Upload it to twitter and tag @toothandscales
  3. Add the hashtag #toothandscaledesign to share!

That’s it!  If your image is featured, you’ll also get a coupon for anything in our shop!  This can be redeemed by you, or you can share it with a friend!

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